Ito Cup 2014 = DONE!

The weekend is finally over! We had a great turn out and everyone kept the environment very friendly. We got to witness some great competition, too. Many of the matches are currently getting uploaded to Youtube (white balance be damned!), so check it out. Big thanks to everyone who attended!

Here are the results:

Women’s Team Taikai [3 women teams]

  • 1st place: Sno-King
  • 2nd place: Houston Kendo Kai
  • 3rd place: Dallas/Ft. Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai – B
  • 3rd place: Dallas/Ft. Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai – A

Ito Cup Team Taikai [5 person (co-ed) teams]

  • 1st place: Kent
  • 2nd place: Ito Dojo
  • 3rd place: Rocky Mountain Budokan
  • 3rd place: Dallas/Ft. Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai – A

Other interesting stats

  • total # of participants :         97
  • # of Women’s teams:            8
  • # of Ito Cup (co-ed) teams: 18


Ito Cup 2014

Things are well under way in preparing for the Ito Cup 2014. It will be on May 17 at

Standley Lake High School in Westminster, Colorado. We’re trying to keep information HERE, so if you’re looking for registration packets and updates look here first, but you are always welcome to contact us through the contact page.

Uchida Sensei, 7 Dan Iaido!

Although, Ito Dojo is focused on kendo, one of our sensei, Mark Uchida Sensei is also an accomplished practitioner of Iaido. Last week we received news that he passed the 7 Dan Iaido shinsa in Japan. This is great news for all of us. Congratulations, Uchida Sensei!

Tulsa Shinsa Results

Good news from our weekend in Tulsa. Besides a great seminar by Jeff Marsten Sensei, all three of our shinsa candidates passed.

  • Mike Hight tested open rank and got 3 kyu
  • Leo Robadey passed 2 dan
  • Joe Aumentado passed 3 dan

Congratulations to everybody!

… Next big event will be Ito Cup, (date TBD, Spring 2014)… stay tuned.

Good Weekend in Dallas!

Ito Dojo had a good showing at the Nabeshima Cup this weekend– Yuka Saito won 3rd place as well as Kantosho in the Youth Division and Kit Lien won Kantosho in the Yudansha Division.

The other good news is that all three of the members who tested today passed:

  • Yuka Saito = 1 Dan
  • Kit Lien = 2 Dan
  • Thor Metzinger = 3 Dan




Nabeshima Cup 2013 Registration happening

Our friends in Dallas have sent out the registration materials for their bi-yearly tournament, the Nabeshima Cup/Texas Open. This will happen on Saturday, May 4th (in Dallas) and will be followed by a ranking test (shinsa) the following day. You can download the materials here:

2013 NC Registration Package (Updated)

Try as I might, I can’t seem to find the actual testing/tournament fees. We’llsend out a note to all the dojo members when we get this clarified. In any case, you can start booking hotel rooms and flights before then.

2.10.13 Ok— figured out the tournament fee thing. The numbers were on an attached Excel file that the dojo has to submit. Members who are attending only need to write a check to Ito Dojo and give it to Kit. DO NOT SEND IN THE EXCEL FILE YOURSELF. Kit will do this for everybody. I’ve attached it HERE so you can see the fees. We can help you figure it out if it’s confusing.

Happy New Year!

Happy Belated New Year!

In the spirit of getting stuff done, Kim Porter (the Southwest Kendo and Iaido Federation Treasurer) has sent out a request for the regional dojos to get their paperwork together for the annual membership drive. This means filling out the membership form (download HERE) and writing two checks made out to Ito Dojo, one for the SWKIF (regional federation) and one for the AUSKF (the national federation).  Kit Lien will collect all of the checks and pay the SWKIF and AUSKF directly. If you have questions about the process, talk to Kit ( directly.

Remember, Sunday classes are at 4:30-6:00 PM now. The kids class is now rolled into the big class.

See everybody in class!



Welcome to the rebooted Ito Dojo site. We’re trying out some new stuff here in an effort to get more information out there, but also to update and simplify things. Stuff I think is neat and will make things easier for everybody:

  • Dojo calendar. It’s a public Google Calendar that you can subscribe to on your phone. Need to know when practice is happening? Upcoming tournament? AUSKF fees due? Check here first.
  • Forms. Instead of sending out tournament/seminar forms in e-mail, we will post the forms with the announcement so that there’s a central place to download from. This will make life easier for everyone.
  • No forum. Seems people weren’t really using it in the past few years and then it would get attacked by spam-bots periodically and Brian would have to clean up crazy stuff. So, no forum anymore.
  • New domain! If you’re here it means you figured out that now points to We own both domains, but I figured the new domain name goes with the whole re-boot thing.

The whole site update thing also means galleries. So if you have pictures you want to share, send me (Joe) a note and I’ll throw them up in the Gallery.