Uchida Sensei, 7 Dan Iaido!

Although, Ito Dojo is focused on kendo, one of our sensei, Mark Uchida Sensei is also an accomplished practitioner of Iaido. Last week we received news that he passed the 7 Dan Iaido shinsa in Japan. This is great news for all of us. Congratulations, Uchida Sensei!

Tulsa Shinsa Results

Good news from our weekend in Tulsa. Besides a great seminar by Jeff Marsten Sensei, all three of our shinsa candidates passed.

  • Mike Hight tested open rank and got 3 kyu
  • Leo Robadey passed 2 dan
  • Joe Aumentado passed 3 dan

Congratulations to everybody!

… Next big event will be Ito Cup, (date TBD, Spring 2014)… stay tuned.

Good Weekend in Dallas!

Ito Dojo had a good showing at the Nabeshima Cup this weekend– Yuka Saito won 3rd place as well as Kantosho in the Youth Division and Kit Lien won Kantosho in the Yudansha Division.

The other good news is that all three of the members who tested today passed:

  • Yuka Saito = 1 Dan
  • Kit Lien = 2 Dan
  • Thor Metzinger = 3 Dan