Nabeshima Cup 2013 Registration happening

Our friends in Dallas have sent out the registration materials for their bi-yearly tournament, the Nabeshima Cup/Texas Open. This will happen on Saturday, May 4th (in Dallas) and will be followed by a ranking test (shinsa) the following day. You can download the materials here:

2013 NC Registration Package (Updated)

Try as I might, I can’t seem to find the actual testing/tournament fees. We’llsend out a note to all the dojo members when we get this clarified. In any case, you can start booking hotel rooms and flights before then.

2.10.13 Ok— figured out the tournament fee thing. The numbers were on an attached Excel file that the dojo has to submit. Members who are attending only need to write a check to Ito Dojo and give it to Kit. DO NOT SEND IN THE EXCEL FILE YOURSELF. Kit will do this for everybody. I’ve attached it HERE so you can see the fees. We can help you figure it out if it’s confusing.

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