Welcome to the rebooted Ito Dojo site. We’re trying out some new stuff here in an effort to get more information out there, but also to update and simplify things. Stuff I think is neat and will make things easier for everybody:

  • Dojo calendar. It’s a public Google Calendar that you can subscribe to on your phone. Need to know when practice is happening? Upcoming tournament? AUSKF fees due? Check here first.
  • Forms. Instead of sending out tournament/seminar forms in e-mail, we will post the forms with the announcement so that there’s a central place to download from. This will make life easier for everyone.
  • No forum. Seems people weren’t really using it in the past few years and then it would get attacked by spam-bots periodically and Brian would have to clean up crazy stuff. So, no forum anymore.
  • New domain! If you’re here it means you figured out that now points to We own both domains, but I figured the new domain name goes with the whole re-boot thing.

The whole site update thing also means galleries. So if you have pictures you want to share, send me (Joe) a note and I’ll throw them up in the Gallery.